What You Want to Look For in Cabinets

Before you start remodeling your kitchen, you need to know something about cabinets. Choosing them will be a great deal more difficult than you ever imagined. You need to start shopping for your replacements long before you tear you’re current cupboards apart.

It won’t take you long to learn the prices of kitchen cabinets can vary a great deal. Although the size, style, and design work does impact the final price of the set, the biggest reason one set might be a great deal more expensive than another set mostly likely as to do with the type of material used and the way they were constructed. The best way to know if you’re getting a good deal will be taking the time to learn about how to rate the cabinets before placing an order. You’re going to spend good money on your new cabinets; you want to make sure they’re going to last for years and years.

The most important thing to look for when trying to determine the rating of cabinetry will be the MDF. The letters stand for middle density fiberboard. The pressed wood often gets used in the construction of lower quality cabinets. The only thing that will lower the quality even more is if the cabinets have been constructed from particle board. Neither material has much durability and you’ll have to redo your kitchen sooner rather than later.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering your cabinets online, or if you’re purchasing them from your local home improvement store, you need to confirm their thickness the thicker the wood, the longer they will be useful. Cabinets with a thickness of 3/4-inch are considered the best quality. Cupboards that measure 3/4-inch and are unframed will be the ones you can expect to get a lifetime worth of use from.
Don’t make any final decisions until you’ve thoroughly examined the entire cabinet. Even if you’ve ordered it from an online retailer, make sure they’re going to be willing to take it back if there’s a problem, or the cupboards don’t measure up to your expectations.

Most people prefer solid wood doors because they know the doors, especially if they’re thick and have been hung with strong hinges will be the strongest option. Don’t let that scare you away from the glass fronted cupboards. As long as the glass is thick, and well set into the frame there’s no reason you can’t expect them to last an equally long time, though if you have small children or pets, you should probably stick to the solid wood doors for your floor level cabinetry.

Just because you’ve bought top rated cabinets, it doesn’t mean you can expect them with stand a great deal of abuse. Don’t overload them with dishes and don’t allow you children to hide inside them, or use the cabinetry as a jungle gym.

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