When Dealing With A DUI Case

There is no such thing as an open or shut DUI case. No matter how much it looks like one is going to be found guilty of DUI, there are always ways to use the legal system to your advantage. The thing is, even if a person blows above a legal limit, the law is still on the side of the individual who is being charged. A blood alcohol level of over .08 is not legal proof that you should be convicted, in the court of law of a DUI, it is merely a piece of evidence. Like any piece of evidence that is admitted into a trial, a lawyer is able to challenge its merits and show that it should not be used in the case. This is why having a DUI Defense Lawyer Charleston is so important: it allows you to get the leg up that the justice system is supposed to give you in court.

The goal of a DUI Defense Lawyer Charleston is not solely to get their client completely off on a DUI charge. Most of the time a breathalyzer, or blood test, will be admissible, meaning that the lawyer will need to take a new plan of attack. What many lawyers will do is not try and get their clients completely off on the charges (it can be harder than it looks), but instead attempt to get the charges reduced. In this day and age where DUI fines and penalties can run over $10,000 getting certain charges dropped is vital to keeping costs down. If you can get a reckless driving charge dropped, or other “extraneous” charges that you might be levied on you, you can save a lot of money on what you pay.

The key to finding the right DUI Defense Lawyer Charleston for a case is to not look for someone who will promise you the outcome you want, but will instead show what they can do for your case. They should understand what your case entails and what needs to be done in order to get an outcome where you either get all original charges dropped or at least some of the charges dropped.

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