When Facial Plastic Surgery in NJ Is Necessary

Facial plastic surgery NJ is used to correct malformations in the face from birth or later in life. The malformations may have occurred simply from aging or from injury, a birth defect or even from disease. A maxillofacial surgeon is qualified to effectuate surgeries with the facial and oral area because he is familiar with the aesthetic qualities of this area of the body.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Common procedures for facial plastic surgery in NJ include facial and neck liposuction, malar augmentation, blepharoplasty, otoptasty and rhytidectomy. These may seem like complicated medical words, but they are respectively cheekbone implants, eyelid surgery, ear surgery and a facelift.

Generally, it is thought that plastic surgery is for men and women who want to look younger or better. This is not always the case. There are times when children are born with facial defects that can be remedied with facial plastic surgery.

The facial and neck liposuction, as with many facial procedures, removes excess fat. However, this procedure can also be combined with other facial plastic surgery. Jaw surgery may be incorporated because it is not all about removing excess fat; it is about rejuvenating the lines and curves of the neck and face.

The malar augmentation is also part of facial plastic surgery in NJ. This procedure may be used for corrective surgery but generally is desired by a patient to improve the lines of the face to be more photogenic or more aptly to be chosen for a movie part. This surgery will provide a more prominent cheekbone, which will also provide a more appealing facial balance.

Eyelid lifts, facelifts and forehead lifts are all about removing excess fat to give a more youthful appearance. However, the otoplasty is more often done to correct a malformation or an injury to an ear.

What Facial Plastic Surgery Will Not Do

Facial plastic surgeons can do wonders today to manipulate the features, remove fat or lift cheek and jaw lines. What the surgeons admittedly cannot do is change who the patient believes he is. This is a process that has to be taken on personally by the patient. The surgeon will give a recovery time that is reasonably short for many of these surgeries. However, there are other factors that will affect this recovery time, such as if the patient is a smoker or consumes alcohol, all things that will lengthen recovery time.

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