When Having an After Hours Interactive Voice Response System is Necessary

Providing excellent customer service is the only way for a business to achieve the success they are after. There are so many different things you will have to do to keep your customers happy. One of the main things you need to focus on when trying to keep clients loyal is how their phone calls are handled. When calling a business, a person will want to be treated with respect.

Putting a customer on hold for extended periods of time or just not answering their calls can lead to some problems. Having interactive voice response phone systems is ideal when trying to field calls and keep employees on task. Here are some of the reasons why using IVR services to handle after-hours calls is necessary.

Your Company Deals With Emergencies

If your business deals with people who have emergencies, then having an automated system to answer after-hours calls is a must. Emergency plumbers or HVAC companies need to make themselves available at all times of the day. Neglecting to use IVR services can lead to your business losing customers. You want to make sure you are there to handle emergency situations regardless of what time it is, which is why an automated response phone system is a must.

Handling Calls From Multiple Time Zones

As your business expands, you will start to attract customers from all over the world. Dealing with different time zones can be tricky unless you are using IVR services. If a client needs help after all your employees have gone home for the day, the interactive voice response system can answer their call and get them the assistance needed.

These types of systems will be able to answer simple questions and can direct a customer to an after-hours number when you or a member of your staff can be reached.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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