When is the right time for brake replacement?

Just as it is hard to accurately predict the gas mileage that your car gets, so it is with the life of your brakes. Gas mileage and brake service in Fort Wayne IN have a great deal to do with how and where you drive.

A car owner may only drive eight or ten thousand miles a year if he or she lives in a big city but the brakes will have to be replaced more often than someone who puts three times that number of miles on the identical car but does the majority of their driving on the wide open roads of the American heartland. The brakes are applied a lot more in the city than they are on the open road.

As there is no definable schedule as to when you need to replace your brakes you have to learn to rely on your sense of hearing as well as the advice of your regular auto technician. If you are like many drivers and have your tires rotated a couple of times a year this is an ideal time for your mechanic to check the pads and associated brake hardware.

A lot of cars are being manufactured with brake sensors, these sensors scrape on the rotating brake disc, creating a very annoying noise when it is time to replace the pads. These sensors are not on every car so the owner must attune him or herself to listen for signs of brake deterioration; listen for any squeaks, squeals or grinding noises that indicate excessive wear. Noises are not the only indication that your car needs brake service in Fort Wayne IN, if the pedal goes down further than normal or you feel pulsations in your foot these are also signs that you should have the brakes inspected for excessive wear.

Every car has a brake warning light on the dash, this light comes on for a few moments every time the car is started, if the light should come on while you are driving this can indicate low brake fluid or a master cylinder problem.

The majority of cars are fitted with disc brakes although it is not uncommon for rear drum brakes to be used on less expensive vehicles. The common practice when brake service in Fort Wayne IN is being done is to resurface the discs on a lathe and replace the brake pads. Many new cars use rotors which are considerably thinner than they were in the past so in these cases the rotors are simply replaced as well during service. Click here to know more.

If you hear or sense that your brakes may be reaching the end of their safe, useful life then you are advised to put your car in for brake service in Fort Wayne IN. For brake repairs and service you are invited to call upon Kruse Automotive Service.

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