When To Call For Electric Repair Services

Many people do not realize when their home or office has an electric problem or is vulnerable to a fire from an it until it is too late. You may think that your home is the safest place to be in, but you may be not realize that you have such problems you should take care of as soon as possible. Worn electric wiring may be a hidden threat and you may never be aware of it.


There are some specific instances when a repairman should be contacted. Lets have a look at what these are.


  • If there is a storm in your locality and it causes the wires to come loose from your electric meter base, then you need to call an electrician.
  • If you have circuit breakers that trip very often, then you should have it seen to by a professional to ensure there are no serious safety hazards.
  • If there are arcs in your electrical system or flashes of light, that is a sign that you need to get it seen to.
  • Any sort of unusual noise in the system, such as sizzles, crackling or buzzing sounds, hire an electrician to have a look at your electrical wiring.
  • If the insulation on your wires are cracked, broken or damaged in any way, then you are likely to be vulnerable to fires caused by short circuiting. Be sure to get the insulation of the wires changed.
  • If there are switches in your home that don’t work properly, that may indicate problems in the wiring. You should have it seen to.
  • Never use space heaters and other electrical devices with extension cords. This can cause a fire. You should hire a professional electrician to get a plug point fitted into the room in which you are using the heater, or in a more convenient location so that you don’t have to use an extension cable for it.
  • If there are too many electrical appliances plugged into the same outlet, that can cause an electrical fire. Get new outlets fitted in by electricians.


It is important not to leave electrical defects too late. If you find any of the above problems, you should immediately call for electric repairs. Indianapolis has no shortage of professionals who can help you solve your problems. Find a licensed and fully insured company and get your home or office secured as soon as possible.

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Electric Repair Services

Electric Repair Services


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