When To Call Rodent Control In Phoenix, AZ

When rodents get into your house, they can cause damage in your attic, walls and other areas of your home. Rodents often seek a warmer place in the cold winter months and it may be in your house. In addition to being a health and safety risk for you and your family, rodents can cause house damage that is expensive to repair. If you have discovered that you’re sharing a living space with rodents, contact Rodent Control in Phoenix, AZ to get rid of your unwanted visitors.

Q.) I haven’t actually seen any rodents in my home, but what are the signs to look for?

A.) When there are rodents living in your house, you may hear scurrying noises in your attic and walls, especially at night. If you go up into your attic, you’ll probably discover urine, droppings and notice an odor. You may also find nests and if you have anything stored in your attic, it may be torn up and you’ll see tiny bits of paper, fabric and other materials scattered about on the floor.


Q.) Is it dangerous for my family and I if rodents are in our home?

A.) Rodents love to chew on things and they’ll often chew on the electrical wires in your home. This is very dangerous as it can cause a short in your electrical system and possible cause a house fire. Another concern is that it’s very unhealthy for you and your family when rodents are in your home. They leave urine and droppings around your house and some rodents may carry diseases. This is a real health concern, especially if there are rodents walking around amongst your food and where your family eats.

Q.) There are rodents in my attic, can’t I just try to catch them myself instead of calling an expert?

A.) You could, but you probably wouldn’t catch them and you might end up getting injured in the process. If you don’t have any experience with this type of job, it’s best to leave the Rodent Control in Phoenix, AZ to the professionals who do this type of work every day.

In addition to rodent control, Alliance Pest Management can take care of all of your residential and commercial pest management needs. This includes the control of bedbugs, termites, ants, wasps and birds.

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