When to Consider Using an Elder Law Lawyer

Elder law is a form of legal service focusing on the needs of people who are past the age of retirement. Typically, the goal of these services is to protect the financial interests of those clients and ensure they have whatever is needed to maintain an appropriate lifestyle. Here are some examples of situations calling for the services of an elder law in Glenview.

Help with Obtaining Government Benefits

Even when the client meets the basic criteria necessary to obtain benefits like Social Security or Medicare, the process of applying for those benefits can be a little intimidating. In fact, many people find their applications are rejected the first time. Rather than facing this type of situation alone, it pays to hire an elder law lawyer in Glenview who can navigate the process successfully, up to and including the representation of the client at a hearing.

Establishing Powers of Attorney

Growing older means facing the fact that managing day to day affairs may not always be possible. To prepare for this possibility, it pays to create powers of attorney allowing trusted individuals to make those decisions if the need arises. For example, someone who has no immediate family may want to give a close friend the ability to make medical decisions when the individual cannot do so for some reason. In like manner, a financial power of attorney would ensure that, if the party becomes incapacitated, there is someone who can make sure the bills are paid.

End of Life Documents

An attorney providing elder law services can also help with preparing end of life documents. This includes a living will that spells out the wishes of the client in terms of medical treatments used to prolong life. That same attorney can draft a last will and testament to ensure the financial assets and personal property of the client are distributed according to his or her wishes when the time comes. For those fortunate enough to live for many years past retirement age, it pays to make sure everything is in order. An attorney can assess the needs of the client, make suggestions for what needs to be put in place, and carry out the wishes of the client. Engaging in this type of planning now will make it all the easier to relax and know everything will be fine.

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