When to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Bethlehem

Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of matters, from traffic tickets to murder. No matter how big or how small a crime is all citizens have a right to have the government prove any charges in court beyond a reasonable doubt before their liberty or property can be taken away. Here are a few kinds of matters a criminal Lawyer Bethlehem handles.

Traffic Tickets

Most people don’t need a lawyer for traffic tickets. They either agree to pay the fine, take a defensive driving course in exchange for the ticket being dropped, or fight it themselves in court. This can make sense for a lot of people, but for others the stakes are higher due to a job that requires a clean driving record or past infractions that will lead to substantial penalties on the latest ticket. A criminal lawyer in Bethlehem can help try to find a way to attack the ticket or to get the prosecutor to drop or reduce it.

Domestic Violence

When an argument gets out of hand, the police may be called by the neighbors or one of the quarrelers. If this happens, the likelihood of someone being taken to jail because they temporarily lost their cool or because they are being wrongly accused in revenge is high. Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges and the penalties can be substantial. In addition, a person charged with domestic violence could be served with an order of protection on the alleged victim and could be prevented from returning to their home until the case is settled one way or the other. A defense attorney will seek to get the charges dropped or reduced so the person can return home or move on with their life by their own choosing.

White Collar Crime

With the recent backlash against Wall Street, prosecutors are also taking aim at all types of white collar crimes. Some of these alleged crimes are simply the result of aggressive business tactics with no criminal intent or seem criminal because the prosecutor doesn’t have the full picture. A defense attorney will make sure both sides of the story are shown.




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