When To Replace Your Mattress

If it has been more than about eight years since you last went shopping for a mattress in Lafayette then you are just about due to start looking at options. Research shows that no matter what the mattress is made of from coil springs to latex, it will start to show signs of wear at between eight and ten years of use. Of course, if you don’t sleep on your mattress in Lafayette on a regular basis, as may be the case for a guest room or a cottage on the lake, you may not need to shop as often.

The typical signs that you need to start to shop for a replacement mattress in Lafayette include indentations where people traditionally sleep. Most people tend to sleep in the same position and in the same location on the bed, which creates areas of the mattress that compact and sag more than others. Over time and with this gradual change it may become uncomfortable if you try to sleep in a different position.

Look at New Technology

It is amazing how the world of mattresses and sleep technology has combined to create some very unique features on modern mattresses. There are pillow top mattresses with an extra fluffy layer of support, plush top mattresses, memory foam and mattresses that allow you to adjust the firmness and softness of the mattress to suit your individual comfort level.

New technology also has increased the breathability of mattresses, an important consideration in the south. Looking for a mattress in Lafayette that is highly breathable will help keep you cool even on those humid summer nights.

Give it a Try

It is important when you are considering a new mattress in Lafayette that you actually try out the mattress. Go to the mattress store and spend some time lying on different mattresses and different firmness levels. Finding the one that is right for you will ensure that you have a great night’s sleep for years to come.

Once you get your mattress in Lafayette home, you need to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations for rotating and turning the mattress. This will help prevent those sagging spots and help you to have a comfortable sleep night after night. Visit our online showroom at  to see the mattresses and accessories we have in available.

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