When to Seek Dental Treatment for a Root Canal Palos Park IL

No one even likes to consider having a root canal done, much less having to search for the right dentist to perform it. If you are in need of a root canal dentist in Palos Park IL, understanding your symptoms and knowing what to expect will help bring peace of mind.

Commonly called a root canal treatment, this procedure can also be referred to as root canal therapy. Root canals are done for several reasons.

To save a tooth that might possibly need to be removed in the future

To relieve pain in an infected tooth

To prevent bone loss associated with that tooth

It is important to recognize the signals of a tooth in need of this procedure. Are you experiencing occasional pain in a particular area? Do you have prolonged, over-sensitivity to hot or cold? Are your gums swelling around a certain tooth? Is there drainage of the sore tooth indicating possible infection? Do you experience difficulty and pain when chewing or biting down on a certain tooth? These are all indicators that you need to seek dental treatment.

Upon your first visit, the dentist will take several x-rays of your tooth or teeth in question to determine if a root canal is necessary. Many dentists will prescribe an antibiotic to be taken for several days prior to the root canal treatment.

When you go in for your scheduled root canal, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the infected tooth. He will then disinfect, clean out, and shape the tooth canals. The canals are sealed with a special material to close off and prevent further infection. Next, the dentist will build up the tooth with a filler material and restructure it. Normally a cap or crown will be fit for the tooth. At a later dental appointment the dentist will place the cap or crown on the tooth to bring it back to its normal state and function.

Root canal therapy can save a damaged, infected tooth and keep your mouth pain-free and healthy. Knowing what to expect from your dentist and how the procedure is done will ease your mind when needing this type of dental treatment.
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