When You Have a Big Roofing Project, Call Roofing Contractors in Louisville, KY to Get the Job Done

Roofing contractors in Louisville KY are able to handle roof building jobs that can’t be done by more limited firms, so they’re often called in to handle projects that require extensive work. Such projects include putting entirely new roofs on houses that need major renovations or that have suffered severe storm damage, building roofs for structures that are under construction, or adding ventilation systems to older roofs.

Many people have seen ads for real estate that include the words “needs TLC” or “fixer-upper.” Such houses and buildings often need their roofs to be completely rebuilt because they have been allowed to suffer substantial deterioration. Such deterioration often starts with a small roof leak, but due to neglect, the problem has been allowed to go on long enough to cause the roof deck to rot and perhaps even cave in. All is not lost in these situations! A company like Affordable Exteriors can build an entire new roof and even perform other exterior work necessary to put the structure back into proper shape.


Those who live in well-maintained houses may think that they’ll never need the services of roofing contractors in Louisville KY, but unfortunately, this is not the case. A windstorm can tear the shingles off of a roof and get it leaking badly in just a few minutes. Even worse, a tree can be knocked down that ends up going right through the roof and into the rooms below. Once the residents have secured their personal safety, it will be time to get all of this damage fixed. That’s when it’s time to call a roofing contractor who can do far more than simple reshingling. Fortunately, wind damage is covered by house insurance, so the out-of-pocket cost will be minimal if you have a policy.

Of course, roofing contractors won’t turn you away if all you need is a new set of shingles. They can easily handle reshingling jobs. Such jobs involve removing the old shingles and any obsolete substrate such as tarpaper or roof-mounted insulation. Then, all new materials are put on. This type of work typically takes about two or three days, and will leave you with a roof that is ready to withstand normal weather for the normal life of the replacement shingles.

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