Who Does Your Child Need to See When Their Pediatrician is Unavailable?

A pediatrician has numerous patients they see on any given day.  When the physician is busy they may not be able to examine all the children that come into their office, especially if a sick child is being fitted in to be seen at the last minute. Who is your child examined by when their physician has a full schedule?

A registered pediatric nurse is available to help assist the primary doctor in caring for their patients. Pediatric nurses in the San Diego area are available during regular office hours to help attend to a patient’s needs.

How a Pediatric Nurse Assists Your Child’s Primary Physician

A pediatric nurse is trained to work with patients that range from infancy to a young adult. The nurse is able to examine your child and give developmental screenings, working close with the primary physician to help provide preventive and critical care to the child.  With the assistance of a nurse practitioner, the wait time for a patient to be treated has decreased, resulting in a quicker visit to the doctor’s office then there used to be.

Speak with a Pediatric Nurse about Your Child’s Health

Pediatric nursing care in the San Diego area is ready to help provide your child with the health care they deserve.  The nurse is able to examine your child and provide you with information that educates parents concerning nutrition and fitness. Your child’s health is the main concern of a nurse and they work hard to provide the best health care possible.  When taking your child in for a check-up be sure to have any questions you have ready for the nurse.  Any information you can provide will help them better determine the care plan your child requires.

Know Your Child Is in Good Hands with Their Health Care Providers

When searching for a heath care provider, make sure you research to find the right one for you and your child. Children’s Primary Care Medical Group can provide you with names and numbers for pediatricians in your area. Feel comfortable knowing your child will receive the care they require precisely when they need it. Their office hours also consist of evenings and weekends to help fit your schedule, and to cover emergencies if your child becomes injured. Have your health concerns answered by a registered nurse that can direct you to the care your child requires.

Find a pediatric nurse in the San Diego area to provide health care for your child. Children’s Primary Care Medical Group is available to answer your questions and assist you in finding the right health care provider for your kids.

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