Why Buy the Classic Grand Pianos in Cincinnati, OH

Nothing says elegance and class like a grand piano or a baby grand sitting in your living room. Whether you are able to play it or not, the exquisite piece of furniture holds its own among other classic furniture that may be in your living room. Since the late 19th century, the piano as you know it today has held its own. If you would like to purchase such a grand stringed instrument, BHA Piano Center of Ohio sells Grand Pianos in Cincinnati, OH. They want you to know a little bit more about the various pianos and the reason the grand (or baby grand) stands out.

There are two basic configurations of pianos, the upright and the grand. The upright pianos, also called the vertical pianos, are grouped into four categories: The Spinet, which top barely rises above the keyboard, has its hammers which operate below and are attached to the back of the keys, The Console, which has compact hammers (action) and the piano is larger than a spinet but smaller than a studio piano, The Studio piano, which is between 3 feet and 4 feet in height, and has a cabinet which houses a full set of hammers and is located above the keyboard, and The Grand, which frame and strings are horizontal. The strings extend away from the keyboard and the hammers lie beneath the strings, depending upon gravity for it to return to rest. Of these types, the concert grand has a rich tonal quality and a brilliant ringing of colorful sounds, making it and its cousins (the baby grand and the parlor grand) an easy pick for entertainment and enjoyment.

BHA PianoCenter prides itself on providing the customers with quality pianos and for over six decades have been the authorized dealer of many well-favored brands of pianos. They operate in Cincinnati, Dayton and the surrounding areas, but also sells and have delivered pianos in all of the states except Rhode Island and Alaska. If you want a new piano or a pre-owned piano, buy your Grand Pianos in Cincinnati, OH or any of the areas to which they deliver.

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