Why Tamper Evident Seals are So Important

If you are not familiar with security bags, you may not know that much about tamper evident seals. This is just one of the many features of these bags and this feature serves a very important purpose. By learning about how important these seals may be, you will quickly see that it is imperative that you use envelopes and bags with tamper evident features in order to be sure you are keeping your items safe and secure.

What Exactly is a Seal That is Tamper Evident?

You may be wondering exactly what a seal labeled “tamper evident” actually means. It doesn’t mean, as some people believe, that you cannot get into the bag. Instead, it will tell you if someone else has tried to get into the bag before it get to you. Essentially, manufacturers of these bags use a variety of colors or words to show that someone has attempted to, or actually gotten into, a bag. Some of them will even have the words “void” or “tampered” underneath the seal to show that something happened.

You will also find that some of these seals are thermochromatic. What does this mean? It means that the seal cannot be unsealed using things like temperature. One trick that thieves have used in the past is to melt or freeze the adhesive. They would be able to take the contents, then reseal it quickly. With this new seal, though technically they can still do it, the evidence that is has been tampered with will still be there.

Why Are These Seals So Important?

Now that you know a bit about these seals, you might be wondering why they are so important. Yes, you can choose to use other types of envelopes and bags, but if your contained items are regulated to some extent or if they are valuable, it is way too easy for others to get into those bags. By choosing a seal that is tamper evident, you can easily prevent this because thieves know that they can’t get away with it and the contents in the bag or envelope will remain secure.

Now that you know a bit about these bags, you may want to go buy them. There are a variety of bags available and some great manufacturers that make them. Contact one today to find out which might be right for you.

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