Why Choose Mulching in Charlottesville VA?

In order for plants and trees to grow properly, they need nutrients. Quite often, the soil in a yard isn’t enough to ensure a beautiful lawn, and trees, shrubs, and flowers won’t be as lush as they should be. For decades, homeowners used chemical fertilizers, but these days, more and more people are turning to mulch. This is absolutely free, and it is all natural, so there are no chemicals to worry about. It is much better for the environment, and can be used any place where trees and plants are growing.

Many people don’t even know what mulch is. Basically, it is an organic matter which is placed on top of soil. It decomposes, and delivers nutrients to the trees and plants. Believe it or not, raking every fall can damage the soil, making it difficult for greenery to grow. Using mulch around trees and plants helps to create a more natural setting, and the nutrients replenish the soil so everything grows better. This is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners are opting for Mulching in Charlottesville VA.

Using mulch can also help to improve the soil structure. It does this by putting organic matter that is decomposing into the soil. The temperature of the soil is better moderated when mulch is used, and the soil retains more water. Another benefit to using mulch in gardens and around trees is that it helps to keep other unwanted plants and weeds from growing in the same area. There is also less damage to trees by lawnmowers when mulch is in use, because it is visible and creates an area that doesn’t need to be mowed. The lawnmower doesn’t get anywhere near the trees.

Many materials are used for Mulching in Charlottesville VA, and they are all natural materials. Some of the most common are wood chips and leaves that have been composted. It is important not to use too much mulch, as it can suffocate plant roots. It is best to leave mulching in the hands of professional landscapers. To learn about the many lawn care services offered at D & D Lawn Care, Visit website.

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