Why Cremations Are Becoming More Popular

Cremation Service Mission, KS families are turning to more and more offer a quiet and affordable option for funeral services. The traditional viewing and burial has become less appealing as these services can be expensive and they also focus on the passing of your loved one. Cremations allow for a way to mourn without the emotional stress of seeing a loved one in casket and watching their burial. A quiet and reflective memorial service following a cremation offers a completely different approach to saying final good byes to a loved one.

More Choices for Locations

It has become a popular option to celebrate the life of a loved one at a favorite spot as opposed to the more solemn and traditional setting of funeral homes or religious sites. It offers a site that is special to family and friends in an area where life was enjoyed and special memories were made. Sites can be anywhere from the family backyard to a boat on the ocean. The choices are limited only by the imagination and preferences of your loved one.

Scattering of Ashes

The scattering of ashes is an age old tradition that meets the last respects of your loved one. The choice of where the ashes are scattered can be just about anywhere within reason. Public places may have regulations about such a ceremony however love of nature, private property and even some ceremonial locations should pose few challenges. It is also common to have a couple wish to have their ashes scattered together once they have both passed on.


Cremation Service Mission, KS families elect can also prove very affordable. The costs are limited to the cremation itself and then your option to select an urn. This can be a very respectable option for families that are not in a position to afford full funeral services with a casket, plot and burial services.

Your Loved One’s Wishes

Electing to have a cremation should consider a loved one’s wishes as this is a very personal choice. Knowing in advance whether a loved one is comfortable with this option is preferable as there are many reasons one may not feel this is right for their arrangements.

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