Why It is Important to Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS

You should already know that spaying and neutering is the procedure that eliminates an animal’s ability to reproduce. Female dogs and cats get spayed and male dogs and cats get neutered. The biggest selling point for spaying and neutering is that there are fewer newborn animals being killed, left out on their own, and/or dropped at animal shelters where they have to undergo euthanasia (humane death) when they are not adopted.

Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS services are done at your local vet’s office and usually entail an overnight stay. There are other benefits and reasons that it is important to spay and neuter your pets which will be discussed below.

Longer Lifespan

Spaying your female canine before she experiences her first heat can help protect her against certain medical problems. This simple surgery can prevent dog breast cancer, uterine infections, and other reproductive organ infections and cancers. Neutering your male canine can help protect him against testicular cancer.

Protects Your Carpet

Did you know that female felines have a habit of urinating more often when they are in heat?. The bad news is that they are also prone to announcing they are in heat by urinating in your house which can ruin your carpet and make your house smell bad. Neutering your male feline also reduces the desire to spray and/or mark their territory.

Prevents Straying

Male cats are more prone to running off, but female cats do it as well. Spaying and neutering reduces the desire for felines to run away and roam the neighborhood. This is better for you since this also avoids pregnancy in your female cat and prevents your male cat from getting into fights.

Beneficial to Your Community

Spaying and neutering your pets also protects your local community. Stray pets can cause problems with neighbors, but they can also bite children, prey on wildlife, cause automobile accidents, and damage flowers and gardens. Pets that are not fixed and that get out of the house can become a neighborhood nuisance.

These aspects of pet care show you how important it is to use Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS services at your local vet. The Cherokee Animal Clinic offers these services for your pets at affordable rates. It is more cost-effective to have your pet “fixed” than to “fix” the problems it causes if you don’t.


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