Why People Turn To Viking For Transmission Parts in Minneapolis, MN

Many people are keeping their cars and trucks longer these days, and they want to keep them in top running order. There are many reasons people are hanging onto their vehicles. The number one reason is their finances. The cost of a new car in 2013 averaged around $31,000 dollars. That is a lot of money for folks, and many people prefer to keep driving their old car.

Another reason people stick with their old cars is because of the quality modern cars offer. In the past, people would consider a car with 100,000 miles a problem waiting to happen. These days, people hold onto to cars and trucks with several hundred thousand miles. Of course, one of the problems with maintaining a car is finding the right parts at a reasonable price. Older cars that are not in production any longer present a possible part shortage problem.

This is why finding a good salvage yard is a priority for folks keeping their cars longer, and doing most of the work themselves. For instance, people needing Transmission Parts in Minneapolis, MN often turn to Viking Auto Salvage. Their user-friendly website is open 24 hours a day and offers a consumer the opportunity to check for auto parts. If a person has any questions they can call one of the available sales people, or stop by the showroom to get questions answered.

One awesome feature of this company is their free delivery service available within seventy-five miles of their showroom. They also offer nationwide shipping of auto parts. They use the shipping company that suits the order best, and the majority of customers receive their orders the next day.
Another service offered by Viking is their auto recycling program. People can bring in their old cars and have them recycled in an environmentally sound way. People recycling their vehicles receive top dollar for their car.

People all over the place are hanging onto their cars for many years. Keeping the car in tip-top running condition is important. A person needing Transmission Parts in Minneapolis, MN. needs to call or stop by Viking. They can assist a car owner with finding the right transmission parts and a whole lot more.


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