How a Marriage Therapist in NYC Supports You Through Life Changes

Modern psychotherapists are in the business of helping people reach their goals. A professional, such as Linda Charnes, LMFT, can work with you through life changes, and inspire you to overcome obstacles. This expert guidance is especially helpful when you are going through difficult transitions.

Using humour, education and insight, a therapist can guide you through:

  • INDIVIDUAL THERAPY:  A professional can help when you are going through a crises, such as the loss of a loved one, or other major change in life. Marriage therapist in NYC will help when you have low self esteem, are unhappy with your life or are feeling overwhelmed. They are experts at helping you to understand your limiting beliefs and expanding your point of view. Therapy can assist you in identifying negative thinking that you may not be aware of.
  • COUPLES THERAPY:  Professionals know that loving and being loved by other people can be exceptionally rewarding, but also difficult. If you are constantly fighting with your mate, are struggling with parenting, or cannot communicate with loved ones, Marriage Therapy can help you find the reasons. A marriage therapist in NYC can help get to the bottom of hidden or unexpressed feelings. They can help when you feel there is no emotional connection with your partner.
  • AN INFIDELITY CRISES:  Many relationships survive infidelity, often because of professional help. When you experience infidelity, you may feel hopeless or vengeful. You may no longer know what to expect from your partner, or even yourself. A marriage therapist in NYC can help you sort through these feelings and allow you explore others, such as a loss of self esteem, a lack of trust or a feeling of being lost. A professional can often help couples use these changes to rebuild a stronger relationship.
  • WEIGHT LOSS:  A professional therapist can help you determine the reasons that you are unable to lose weight, even if the roots are in your childhood. They can also educate and encourage you, as you work toward modifying behaviours that prevent you from reaching your goals.

An expert therapist can help you find the reasons why you struggle with relationships, feelings, weight loss, and more. These professionals can use a combination of humour, insight, education and other techniques to help you view problems realistically. A therapist will also find ways to help you build the life you want. Visit Linda Charnes, LMFT for more information.

A marriage therapist in NYC can help get to the bottom of hidden or unexpressed feelings. For more information visit the website or like us on Facebook.

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