Why Preventive Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY is Vital to Your Oral Health

Occasionally a patient will walk into Preventive Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY and be surprised when a dentist tells them that there are problems after the oral review. Even though there is a lower rate for this sort of thing, it does happen. Just because one cleans their teeth and gums frequently doesn’t mean problems won’t arise. There are two types of factors that can cause problems concerning oral health. The brushing technique and external factors can be aggressive with gums and enamel.

Brushing your teeth with the right frequency doesn’t mean we are carrying out proper cleaning techniques. Sometimes the change from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush can make all the difference in the world. In case one uses a manual toothbrush, he or she must respect both the technique and the duration. If it is difficult to time yourself, there is a myriad of tricks that will help you get through brushing. Listening to your favorite song or watching a clip of your favorite TV show can help.

Electric toothbrushes have the main problem of being too short and preventing proper cleaning. In both cases, we must respect the time necessary to ensure proper cleaning. However, electronic brushes need their heads replaced just like normal toothbrushes will (every three months). To ensure proper oral hygiene, it is best to speak with your dentist before choosing a certain brush.

When it comes to external factors that can increase your chance of getting oral diseases or cosmetic damage, they are:

Tobacco favors the onset of gingivitis, bad breath and stained teeth.

Coffee affects the color of the teeth.

Soft drinks have plenty of sugar that can affect enamel.

Alcohol promotes inflammatory processes of the gums.

Medications, such as antibiotics or immunosuppressants, may also affect inflammation of the gums.

These things, together with other external processes, can change your oral health significantly. Although, with the proper oral hygiene habits, oral diseases can appear. That is why we must carry out an oral health review at least every six months. Preventive Dental Care Services in La Grange, KY can ensure we get the preventive treatments, cleanings, etc., that one needs.

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