Why Should You Adopt an MDM Strategy?

As smart phones and tablets become commonplace in the office, the pain for management strategies for them becomes more acute. It is more important now, than ever before, for companies to protect and manage the information that is passed between mobile devices. There are two main aspects of how Android, a most popular mobile device operating system, is managed: device management and application management. By using Android mobile device management, you can ensure that your network is safer and your devices are working in the most efficient way possible.

Why You Need an MDM Solution
When it comes to choosing an Android MDM solution in the workplace, you will get many benefits. The main job of a mobile device management is to not only protect the information on your mobile phones or tablets, but also to protect the data access and the apps. If you choose not to have this type of solution in place, it could be very easy for malicious individuals to not only get into your devices, but also get into the data and apps on your network.

Why You Need a Mobile Apps Management Strategy
Now that you know a bit about how an MDM solution can help your company, it is important to think about how a mobile apps management strategy can help. As you know applications are hugely significant on smart phones and making sure they are secure and used for intended purposes is going to be the main job of a mobile apps management strategy.

With a mobile apps management solution, users will have access to an enterprise app storeand your IT department can monitor the use of these apps and even mandate the use of certain apps. Apps can be “white-listed” for easy distribution and rogue apps can be “black-listed” and blocked. All of these are extremely valuable when it comes to Android device management in the workplace.

As you can see, both mobile device management and mobile apps management strategies do complementary things, and they can be valuable solutions for your business. Choosing a MDM solution that offers a combination of mobile device management and mobile apps management is ideal for Android device management. When working together, these solutions can give your business a “one – two punch” against any breach of your network and data assets.

You should easily be able to find a company that can provide you a combination of mobile device management and mobile apps management services for your Android device. Before choosing a vendor, make sure that they have a good reputation and that they have your best interests in mind.

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