Why Should You Choose Dental Implants? Big Benefits

Nobody wants to think of having to replace their teeth. However, many people will lose at least one of their natural adult teeth during their lifetime. Dental experts generally recommend replacing lost permanent teeth to prevent movement and bone deterioration – but what type of replacement should you choose?

If you are considering dental implants in Augusta, GA, here are just a few of the reasons your dentist will likely agree with your decision:

Sturdy and Long Lasting

Replacement teeth need to last. Most people cannot afford to have teeth replaced repeatedly, so implants are well-liked for their sturdy, long-lasting construction. Dentures need to be replaced every five years or so, with dental bridges also needing regular replacement. Dental implants in Augusta, GA can last fifteen to twenty years or more when well cared for, making them a better choice for long-term replacement.

More Natural Function and Feel

Your teeth have to work. No matter how good they might look, replacement teeth aren’t worth much if they don’t do their job. This includes not only helping you eat, but also holding adjacent teeth in place and maintaining the integrity of the surrounding bone. Dental implants do these jobs in ways that dentures and even dental bridges simply cannot.

Better Looking, Too

Of course, your teeth also factor heavily in your expressions. People see your teeth every time you smile, so you want them to look good. Dental implants look more natural and more attractive than many other alternatives, with enamel colors made to match the natural shades of teeth more closely than any other type of replacement.

Replacing your teeth doesn’t have to mean sacrificing form, function, or a lovely smile. Talk to your dentist about dental implants in Augusta, GA to replace missing or extracted teeth. They can help you put your smile back together – and better than ever!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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