Why you need to get to Laughing to get to Work

Let’s face it; most of us are not skipping to work every morning in anticipation of another marvelous day. However, it would be nice to think we are not rolling out of bed with a moan and a feeling of absolute dread of facing another day at Hell Town Inc. Work was not meant to be fun, but it wasn’t meant to be eight hours of completely unbearable horror either. When people are disengaged at work, they cause all kinds of trouble and bring their fellow workers down with them. Getting people to laugh and relax at work no matter how grim things might appear can work wonders to alleviate a feeling of disengagement and help people begin to feel connected to their jobs and their co-workers. Get to laughing, and you will see that people are more willing to get to work.

When the team seems to be completely lacking motivation, and there are trouble makers lurking in the break room a Humorist Speaker can help clear the air and get people focused. It might seem like a bad thing to walk by the break room and hear laughter. However, it is quite the opposite. When people work in an environment in which humor is used to keep people feeling happier about coming to work a number of things take place:.

  • Health: First you will see people are healthier. Happiness lowers blood pressure, reduces tension and can help alleviate things such as chronic headaches. This means you can reduce absenteeism.
  • Stress Reduction: Second, humor is especially important in work environments that tend to be stressful. Unfortunately in today’s modern business removing stress completely is not realistic. However, a humorist speaker can help alleviate stress allowing people to laugh at themselves, their stress, and even their bosses. Humor can help people see bosses as people and that you are all in it together. This goes a long way to building stronger, less stressed teams.
  • Productivity: Third, if you work in a creative environment humor helps stimulate ideas. In fact, even if you just do accounting, humor stimulates creativity which is where we get our problem-solving solutions. Stimulating creativity works to the advantage of any work environment where ideas provide answers and improve efficiency and productivity.
    A humorist speaker can stomp out the blues and relax the team long enough to get them engaged in their work again.

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