Why You Should Consider Using A Portable Banner Stand

If you are planning on exhibiting at a trade show, then you know there are a number of different products to consider using. Each option has its own set of advantages. The custom island exhibits offer an undeniable presence for leaders in the industry, while portable solutions offer invaluable convenience. However, if you have never used portable banner stands in your booth displays before, here you will learn why they can be a valuable part of your entire presentation.

Graphics that Provide Impact

Even though they are smaller in size, a banner stand is an extremely effective method of getting a message out there. They have the capability to display engaging, large custom graphics on one single stand, or spread across several different stands that are set up side by side.

Easily Updated

The panels that are placed on a banner stand will easily retract from the base. This makes them extremely easy to use and means that it is simple for you to change your graphics when necessary. This will allow you to get your money out of the banner stand that you purchase.


Since banners are easy to pack up and extremely lightweight, they are also extremely versatile. You can take them almost anywhere you go, to ensure that you achieve the maximum reach possible.

Easily Installed

One of the most appealing factors of the banner stand is that they are extremely easy to use. They are able to be set up quickly and easily by your booth staff and do not require the use of tools or professional set-up services. This can help to save your company both money and time.

Extreme Portability

Due to the fact that banner stands are lightweight, they make it simple to take them along anywhere your team is setting up a display. In addition to being lightweight, they are also able to be packed up in small bags, making them convenient to store. This also means that you will not need any type of special vehicle or service to get your banner stands where your next event is located.

Ability to Add Accessories

Another advantage offered by using banners is that they are able to be used with other exhibit accessories. This will allow you to enhance the appearance of your booth, as well as the function of the actual banner stand.

If you are planning to create a display at the next trade show event, then visit the Exhibit Options website to see the portable banner stands that are available.

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