Why You Should Have Your California Garage Floor Epoxy Coated

Living in California, you see people doing a lot of different things with their homes. One very popular trend is coating garage floors with epoxy flooring. Epoxy coating garage floor in El Dorado Hills, CA provides some excellent benefits for this particular area of your home.

Waterproof and Liquid-Proof

A big reason for epoxy coating a garage floor in El Dorado Hills, CA is to waterproof it. Even with the base coats, the floor is already resistant to water. With the addition of color coats, sealing coats, and clear coats, the garage floor is not only waterproof, but liquid proof. This includes oils, greases, gasoline, and other liquids or semi-liquids that occasionally collect on a garage floor.

Super Easy to Clean

An epoxy-coated garage floor is extremely easy to clean. Everything wipes up off the epoxy floor like splatters on a glass window. Imagine sweeping that floor and then running a damp mop over the top to clean it up. The floor is never stained and consistently looks new when you keep it cleaned. For smaller spills and spots, just wipe up with a rag or paper towel.

Resists Scratching Too

When done correctly, an epoxy floor resists scratching. It’s like applying a thin layer of diamonds to the concrete underneath. Drop tools on it, pull nails over it by accident, etc., and it remains looking great. Contact Innovative Concrete Solutions via their website, https://www.sacramentoconcretesolutions.com to set up a time to get a quote for your garage floor.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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