Why Your Next Upgrade Should be a Custom Bedroom from Manhattan Cabinetry

Whether you have always imagined a dream bedroom, or want to create a beautiful bedroom in a tiny space, custom furniture is the best best way to get what you want. Residents in NYC are finding that choosing a Custom Bedroom from Manhattan Cabinetry is the ideal upgrade to their homes, because it provides advantages that include:

SPACE SAVING SOLUTIONS: In trendy, appealing areas like Manhattan, space is at a premium. Homeowners often trade size for location, and every square foot has to be used efficiently. Custom furniture can solve this problem, because it can be designed and built around the available space. Many apartment homes have only a few hundred square feet, so owners have custom Murphy beds built in. These hidden beds are surrounded by elegant cabinets, shelves, and other features which add beauty and function. The room is spacious and appealing when the bed is not needed, but it can be pulled down, for sleeping. Custom closets and cabinets can also be custom designed to fit otherwise unused spaces, and maximize square footage.

UNIQUE DESIGNS: You may have a very specific idea of what your bedroom should look like. It can hard to get the result you want if you shop in traditional furniture stores. However, custom furniture makers can help you design any room you can imagine, and then they will build it for you. You will be able to create cabinets, storage space, and entertainment areas in your bedroom, as well as other areas of the home.

DESKS, STORAGE, AND MORE: When you have an apartment, it is often hard to find a place for your desk, clothes, or books. Many times a custom furniture maker can help you design a bedroom that includes a built-in desk and bookshelf. You can also have an armoire designed just for you. This gives you an elegant piece of furniture that can also double as clothing storage or even an entertainment center.

When you need to maximize the space in your apartment, or want to design a bedroom to your exact taste, custom furniture is the solution. You can work with professionals to design space-saving, elegant rooms, and get exactly the colors, materials, and style that you want.



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