With Advance Planning; You Shouldn’t Need An Estate Planning Attorney In Wichita KS

Don’t get me wrong, estate planning is essential for almost everyone in Wichita; however, it is the heirs of someone who did not plan well that might need the services of an Estate Planning Attorney in Wichita KS. It is possible for anyone to make out their own last will and testament; but, it is usually better to seek legal advice when doing so. A visit to a lawyer’s office will usually suffice. Most lawyers have the necessary knowledge to assist you when you are planning what to do with your “worldly” goods when you depart this mortal plane. However, a lawyer who is licensed to represent you before a judge in court is called an attorney and it is unlikely that you would need to go to court while still alive and planning how your estate will be disposed of after your death.

Legal Issues

If someone in Wichita feels that they have a legitimate claim to the estate of a deceased person (and that claim has been ignored in the will); then, they are at liberty to contest the will; this is where they will definitely need to consult with an Estate Planning Attorney In Wichita KS; since the matter will, most likely, end up in front of a judge for its final determination. For the living person; areas that need attention when planning the disposal of their estate include:-

  • That all details a clear and unambiguous – the will maker will not be around to clarify anything when the will is being acted upon.
  • That all details regarding executors and probate are clearly stated.
  • That any tax advantages have been correctly applied.
  • That any trusts that the testator wishes to instigate are properly arranged.
  • That provision has been made to clear debts and post death expenses from the estate before its disbursement to the nominated heirs.

The above is but a short list of examples; but, it does go to demonstrate the pitfalls that someone unversed in law could fall into if making a will without consulting a law firm. Any full service law firm, such as that of Fleeson, will have at least one Estate Planning Attorney In Wichita KS to work with their other lawyers to provide you all the advice you may need when drawing up your will.

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