Workers Compensation in Lansing, MI-For On job Injuries

One of the oldest insurance policies in the United States is that of workers compensation. With the increase of industrial jobs, on job injuries also surged. People working in factories are often exposed to hazardous machines among other factors. The insurance helps in compensating individuals who encounter injuries at the work place. Before the introduction of workers compensation insurance, workers went through turmoil trying to get compensation. They had to sue their employers and most times, they lost the case. Workers therefore ended up bearing the losses.

What is covered under Workers Compensation in Lansing, MI? The insurance cover will pay for medical expenses incurred in treatment of the sustained injuries. The workers are also paid for the lost wages. Injuries will hinder workers from working thus resulting to lost earnings; it is for such that they are compensated. For long term injuries, workers are compensated for loss of future earnings. Where therapy and rehabilitation is needed to restore workers to good health, rehabilitation fees are covered by the insurance.

For the workers compensation benefits to be received, various facts have to be proved. It has to be established that an employer-employee relationship exists. This is because the law only covers employees. People working as independent contractors are not covered under this law. It also has to be established that the injury was an accident. If the injury was due to the employees negligence, benefits may not be granted.

The benefits are also accorded for occupational illnesses that are directly related to the employees work. These illnesses result from the nature of circumstances surrounding the workers job. For instance, if workers are exposed to asbestos, they may contract asbestos’s. Long term exposure to chemical solvents among other solutions could lead to skin, lung and eye illnesses.

It is not the duty of the workers compensation commission to make payments to the injured party. The role of the commission is to determine the claims that a worker is entitled to. It is then the duty of insurance companies and self insured employers to make timely payments to employees. For all your workers compensation needs in Lansing, Reed Insurance Agency has the solutions.


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