Workers Compensation in Rochester, NY: Is Your Injury Covered?

Most people assume that if they are injured at work, that their injury is covered by Workers Compensation in Rochester, NY. This is not necessarily true, unfortunately. In fact, there are a few different circumstances that seem like your injury would be considered work related, but it is not covered. The circumstances may not be clear, so you may need to consult with a lawyer to determine if you a case.

If you are injured on your lunch break, you may or may not file a claim for Workers Compensation in Rochester, NY. If you injure yourself when you are offsite buying lunch, your injury more than likely will not be covered. If you are offsite buying lunch for your boss, though, it may be covered. If you are in the company’s cafeteria getting lunch and injure yourself, it may be covered. Eating at the cafeteria is helpful to your employer because it leaves more time to work by saving you time since you aren’t traveling offsite. Your injury may be covered using this argument.


Company events are work related, so they are usually covered by workers compensation. You may want to check with a lawyer, but just about everything that can happen will be covered. For example, if a coworker has too much to drink and somehow injures himself and his dance partner, both of the injuries will probably be covered. If you are injured on a business trip or even on your commute to and from work in the company vehicle, your injuries qualify for coverage in most cases. A business trip is work related and there are no specifications to limit injuries that are covered. Even though driving to and from work is time before your job starts or time after it has ended for the day, when you are in the company car, the drive is work related.

Workers compensation cases are not always easy to determine and some cases that would seem like they aren’t covered, actually are. The best thing to do is to check with a lawyer to find out if your case is covered. Skipping this consultation may prevent you from filing a workers compensation claim. Contact Attorney Vincent J. Criscuolo.

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