Your Basement Could Be So Much More Than Just a Basement in East Longmeadow MA

Basements are wet, damp, dark, funny smelling, and generally just not very useful unless you remodel them. Still, what can you do with your Connecticut basement to make it a livable space? Examples of basement remodeling in Simsbury, CT show just how very different a basement can be.

Dry, Lighted, and Un-Basement-Like

The most basic basement remodeling contractor in East Longmeadow, MA takes your basement and turns it into something more than a basement but less than a basement apartment. It becomes less damp, less funny smelling, has more light, no bugs, and lends itself well to a perfect storage area. If all you want is to have a lot of storage space in your basement but not worry about your belongings rotting, mildewing, or molding, this type of remodel is perfect for you.

A Total Living Space

Kitchens in basements are forbidden for fire safety reasons, but you can install a full bathroom, bedrooms, living room rec room, etc. Some people even install a wet or dry bar, pool table, etc. You can turn this space into anything you want if you have the budget for it. You could even add extra walls to create a guest bedroom or a bedroom for a teen in the basement.

Remodeling a basement starts with an assessment of the basement itself. Talking about what you want to do with the space lets the contractor know where to go with the estimate. Get started by contacting Basement Finish Pros, LLC– Westfield, MA via

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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