Your Guide to Emergency Air Conditioning System Repairs in Ormand Beach FL

Living on the beach is wonderful most of the time. However, year-round sunshine and warm days mean that air conditioning is almost a necessity. Unfortunately, air conditioners seem to fail at the least convenient times. That is why everyone should know at least one HVAC service provider to call for high-quality, affordable Emergency Air Conditioning System Repairs in Ormond Beach FL.

Check These Things Before Calling a Repair Service

Before calling a repair service, there are things to check to determine whether the air conditioner is broken or is not working for another reason.

  • Check the thermostat. While it might seem obvious, many people think they are experiencing a broken air conditioner when the real problem is that the thermostat was set too high or was accidentally turned off.
  • Check to see if the air conditioner is blowing air. If the air conditioner is blowing air, but the air is not cold, the fix could be a simple one. It could be a clogged air filter or some other problem blocking airflow. Check the filters, and, if they are dirty, clean or replace them.
  • Look at the evaporator coils or the lines on the outdoor unit. Frozen systems can have visible ice or frost on metal parts and lines. If the system is frozen, shut off the system to give it time to defrost. While it is off, replace the air filters if they were dirty. Once the ice has completely melted, reboot the air conditioner and see if it starts blowing cold air.
  • Check all of the breakers. In addition to breakers in the breaker box, there may be a breaker outside by the air conditioning unit. If any of the breakers for the HVAC system are tripped, the air conditioning system will not work.
  • If the air conditioner is leaking inside a home or business, turn it off. It probably means there is a blocked condensation line. One fix is to try to vacuum the line with a wet/dry vac. Another method is to unclog it with a plumbing snake or similar device.

Still Need Repairs?

If you’re unable to identify or resolve the source of the problem, it is time to call an HVAC repair service. For more information, click here now to find out about Emergency Air Conditioning System Repairs in Ormond Beach FL.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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