Your Guide to Golf Umbrellas

Shopping for golf umbrellas can be a little bit different from shopping for a personal umbrella, because considerations about size, shape, and general purpose need to be made differently. Since you use them to protect your gear from the wind and rain and you can carry them in your regular kit bag, it does not matter as much if they are compact or conveniently sized for single pedestrians. In fact, a golf umbrella that is as small as most personal umbrellas would not be useful on the course, since it would present such a small profile.

Canopy Size and Features

Golf umbrellas are quite large. Most of them range between 60 and 72 inches, and they can be vented for better air circulation. The venting does not affect their ability to keep rain off your clubs and other equipment. Instead, it allows air to escape, which can prevent your umbrella from catching the wind and blowing away when it is unattended. Since you will be out in the open and away from trees when you need it the most, this can be an important feature. A strong gust of wind can knock over single piece umbrellas if they are anchored incorrectly. If you do go with a single canopy, then make sure that your umbrella comes with sturdy stakes or firm bag attachments to keep it in place while you are addressing the ball.

Color and Visibility

The other reason that a golfer needs a large umbrella is because it increases your visibility while you are out on the course. For that reason, choosing a vibrant color that stands out from the background of the course can be really useful. There are a variety of options and patterns available, including logo designs from famous equipment manufacturers and college sports teams, so it should be easy to find one that fits your personal style while also providing a strong contrast to the course’s natural scenery.

Shaft Material

Golf umbrellas need to have a stronger shaft than most personal umbrellas, both to support their size and to keep them anchored when they are staked down or attached to a bag. Both heavy plastic and fiberglass options are available, and they are both preferable to a traditional steel shaft while you are golfing because they will reduce the risk of a lightning strike if the weather takes a sudden turn while you are out.

At, golf umbrellas are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit with your other gear. If you golf without a covered cart, golf umbrellas will not only protect your equipment, they will protect you from other golfers’ stray balls by increasing your visibility out on the course.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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