2 Modern Romantic Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, full of hope and promise, just like a wedding. Incorporating romance, love and promise into your spring wedding decoration ideas is a beautiful way to celebrate your special day.

Choosing from spring wedding decoration ideas that really do create that romantic and classic beauty of spring weddings doesn’t mean you have to stay traditional or old school. There are simple ways to make even the most traditional styles modern, beautiful, and uniquely you.

Monochromatic Colors

One of the beautiful things about spring wedding decoration ideas is that there is color scheme that will work for any taste and preference. For those that want a traditional color option choosing ivory or a very pale pink and ivory combination for all your decorations is a beautiful choice.

You should consider ivory tea roses, very pale pink cherry blossoms, white hydrangeas and white or pale pink orchids and lilies as your flowers. These can be grouped together to give a soft, romantic look and combined with ivory satin ribbons wrapped around glass vases for an amazing look as centerpieces.

Vintage and Antique

For a true vintage look shop online or at garage sales to find a range of older styles of vases, cups, pitchers and even old mason jars. These could be silver or porcelain, glass or even tin depending on the look that you choose. You can add ribbons in pastel colors, ivory lace tied in a bow, or simply leave them natural for a very unique presentation.

You may also want to group mason jars with vases and flowers and place a LED tea light in the mason jar. You can add some white or pastel netting in the jar to provide a soft colored light to the table. These spring wedding decoration ideas give you the ability to create a different look on each table that still is completely in theme.

These spring wedding decoration ideas can be paired with ivory or cream linens, plates and gold or silver cutlery. You can also opt for ivory or cream chair covers and tie each with a very pale pink, blue, yellow or green sashes and bows for just a touch of color.

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