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Though there are many reasons people become unhappy about the appearance of their smiles, one of the top reasons is staining. The older you get, the more porous your teeth become, leading to all types of stains. You can experience stains from the foods you eat, beverages you drink and because of smoking and medications. If your teeth are yellow, brownish or dull, you may want to consider seeing the Dentist Rockland County NY about teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening can safely be carried out by the Dentist Rockland County NY. In the past, whiteners were often abrasive to the teeth and left behind permanent sensitivity. Today’s whiteners are more gentle than ever before and they even offer increased tooth health. The hydrogen peroxide whiteners are filled with nutrients that can help to improve the health of your teeth as you get them whitened.

Hydrogen peroxide is the strongest form of whitening agent your dentist can offer you. This whitener is first prepared and then painted on your teeth. Precautions are taken to protect the sensitive gum area so you do not experienced any discomfort. Once all of your teeth have been painted, the dentist will carefully time your treatment.

Whitening treatments through the Dentist Rockland County NY are typically accomplished in under an hour. Though some people see maximum results right away, the vast majority of people will need more than one treatment. To further enhance the whitening treatment, the dentist will most likely give you a protocol treatment to use at home. This will help to keep your teeth their whitest between treatments.

You can keep your teeth whiter by brushing at least twice a day and avoiding foods and drinks that are known to stain your teeth. Coffee, red wine and cola should be avoided as much as possible. If you are smoker, you should consider quitting so your teeth do not become stained again.

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, contact the Dentist Rockland County NY. The dentist will examine your teeth and work to give you the best whitening option. Through having your teeth whitened, you can regain your confidence in your smile.



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