A Tree Removal Service In McLean Can Help Keep Your Property Safe

Do you have a tree on your property that has been badly damaged or perhaps is ravaged by disease or parasites? If you do, you need a Tree removal service McLean company to get rid of it. It takes professionals that know how to start cutting the tree down from the top safely. Once it is down to the stump, they need to get the stump out of the ground and as much of the root system out as possible. Any of the root system that can’t be removed needs to be treated with a special kind of poison so that new sprouts don’t come up.

Getting the tree cut down is just part of the process. The Tree removal service McLean company will bring an industrial size wood chipper to the site so that the dead wood can be cut up for easier removal. They will also spend time making sure that the site is completely cleaned up.

Once the Tree removal service McLean has finished cleaning up the site, they can offer the property owner suggestions on the kind of tree that can be replanted if they want to replace the one just removed. If the owner would prefer to put in some hedges instead of another tree, a company like Greentree can show the owner a variety of hedges to select from. Some hedges have bright flowers when in season and others are more of an ever green type that can grow quite tall. Greentree can explain to the owner how the ground should be prepared for the replanting based on what will be planted.

Whether a new tree or hedges are planted, Greentree can offer a complete maintenance program for the property owner. The program would not only maintain the new plants but also cover other trees and hedges on the property. This can give the owner peace of mind, knowing that the eco system on their property will be looked after. The trees will be trimmed during the proper time of year and those trees will be checked for infestation and disease regularly. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises for the owner of the property. Visit www.usgreentree.com for more details!


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