An Orthopedic Surgeon in Pensacola FL Can Perform Foot Surgery for an Unusually High Arch

People who are called “pigeon-toed” have a medical condition known as over-supination or excessive supination of the foot. This involves a high arch and the foot abnormally rolling out to the exterior side during walking or other activity. Usually the condition can be accommodated by wearing proper athletic shoes when walking, running or doing other forms of foot-impact exercise. Some individuals benefit from wearing foot and ankle braces or foot inserts known as orthotic devices. If the condition is extreme and the person experiences significant chronic pain or injuries because of it, he or she may need an Orthopedic Surgeon in Pensacola FL to correct the foot structure with an operation.

The main problem with excessive supination and high arches is that the shock absorption capacity of the feet is lowered. That can lead to arch and heel pain, stress fractures in the feet, sprained ankles, shin splints and injuries to tendons and ligaments. During athletic activity, a person with this foot condition may avoid injury by wearing shoes made especially for flexibility and substantial cushioning. Unfortunately, some people continue to have trouble and eventually need an Orthopedic Surgeon to perform restructuring of the feet.

Foot surgery for high arches and over-pronation is not a common strategy and is usually only done in severe cases. A very high arch can actually be debilitating and lead to disability if not resolved. The arch may continue to become even more distorted over time. The foot may become increasingly rigid and the person may experience bothersome pain on both the top and bottom of the foot.

This type of surgery tends to be difficult. It requires an Orthopedic Surgeon in Pensacola FL rather than a podiatrist, as a podiatrist is not a medical doctor but rather a professional foot specialist. A podiatrist may assist the orthopedist during the operation if the patient has been seeing this foot doctor regularly. During surgery, the orthopedist may correct bone deformities and reposition the arch. This may involve releasing and reconstructing ligaments, transferring tendons and cutting bone. The operation may be so complex as to require two surgical sessions and a relatively lengthy recovery time. Nevertheless, patients are certainly grateful for the positive results.

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