Avoiding a Lengthy Incarceration Period Before Trial With the Help of a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City

Nobody wants to sit in jail for several weeks or even months waiting for the trial date to arrive. Nevertheless, this is what happens to thousands of people each year when they cannot afford to pay bail. One possible option is to have a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City post a surety bond with the court. This allows for the release of the defendant until the trial date. A fee, normally a set percentage of the bail amount, is required for this service.

Possible Extra Requirements

The court or the bonds service may add requirements in addition to the bail amount. For the defendant to retain freedom, there may be a stipulation to participate in a drug or alcohol treatment program, for example. Drugs and alcohol are common factors in criminal activity. If the person is employed, staying employed may be a requirement.

If any of these instructions are not followed, the chance to remain free can be revoked, with the person arrested once more and returned to jail. Typically if the defendant is arrested for another crime while out on bail, he or she is returned to jail and might not be released again until the case is resolved one way or another.

When Even the Service Fee Is Difficult

Often, people who are arrested on criminal charges cannot even afford the fee for a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City. They may be able to have a close friend or relative pay the bonds service instead. Not everyone will agree to this request because it’s risky. The person who signs a contract with the bail bonds company is liable for the entire cash bail amount if the defendant disappears. That amount may be substantial. This friend or relative may have put up property as collateral and now risks losing a car, a powerboat or even a home.

Concluding Thoughts

Various social organizations have spoken out against the bail system, noting that it favors wealthier people and punishes those with low incomes. Unless this is ever resolved, however, bonds services to provide surety financial instruments in lieu of bail are needed. Visit us to learn more about one organization.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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