Personal Injury Lawyers in Centralia WA Help Accident Victims Who Lost the Sense of Smell

Personal Injury Lawyers in Centralia WA help accident victims who have been seriously hurt in vehicle accidents and want to make sure they receive reasonable financial compensation from the insurer. In some cases, a serious injury does not require hospitalization, surgery or extensive time off from work, but it still has a debilitating effect on the person’s life. An example is when physical trauma causes a noticeable decrease in the sense of smell, medically referred to as traumatic anosmia.

Traumatic Anosmia

This condition is usually the result of severe damage to a cranial nerve known as the olfactory nerve. This nerve normally sends sensory information about aromas to the brain. There is no effective treatment. A medical doctor will need to diagnose whether the injury involves some temporary bruising that should heal on its own or whether the problem will be permanent.

When someone suffers a significant and permanent reduction of the olfactory sense, Personal Injury Lawyers in Centralia WA expect the at-fault driver’s insurance company to pay a substantial settlement. Without an adequate level of this physical sense, the person’s ability to taste foods and beverages also is greatly diminished. Anyone who has ever experienced a bad head cold can attest to this.

Reduced Quality of Life

Reduced quality of life can be dramatic. The individual is no longer able to enjoy scents like flowers, pine trees, and fresh bread. With a minimized sense of taste, the joy of eating delicious foods and drinking flavorful beverages is lost as well.

Practical Matters to Consider

Safety implications also must be recognized. This person may not be able to smell a natural gas leak in the home or an unexplained gasoline odor while driving a car. Smelling something starting to burn on the stove or in the oven is no longer possible. Using a sniff test to detect whether refrigerated food has gone bad also cannot be relied upon.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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