Benefits of Large Terracotta Pots for Your Landscape

If you need larger than normal planters, there are many interesting selections to consider, but several questions come to mind. For instance, what kind of material is best to use? Should you buy cheap or expensive planters? Large terracotta pots come with many advantages to the amateur and professional landscaper.

Materials Selection Plastic containers are very popular with budget minded shoppers these days. However, there are also fiberglass planters, as well as terracotta or clay planters to consider.

Reasons to Buy Plastic

Plastic provides many benefits to the landscaper. For example:

* Plastic is one of the least expensive materials on the market today.
* The pots come in a wide selection of colors.
* One can afford to buy many planters because of the cost.

Problems with Plastic

When plastic planters are exposed to the elements, several changes can occur. For example:

* Sunlight fades and lightens many types of plastic.
* Over time, plastic can become brittle and may eventually begin to deteriorate and crack.
* When cracking occurs, the homeowner must go through all of the trouble and expense of replacing the planter, and repotting can be a major project for some plants.
* Plastic may not be the best material to use for a large planter.


If budget allows, fiberglass planters are a good option. However, because they are light in weight they may not be suitable for very large potted plants, especially heavy pants.


Some kinds of concrete planters may break down and crumble. However, this is usually due to cheap materials and manufacturing processes. A well-made concrete planter will hold up well when properly finished and provide excellent service.

Large Terracotta Pots

Terracotta is a natural material and comes in all kinds of designs and sizes. Finely crafted terracotta planters require little maintenance and will last for decades, as long as they receive reasonable care. A good clay pot is porous and breathes by absorbing water and allowing evaporation. However, sealing quality planters will prevent contraction and expansion, providing many years of additional service.

Inexpensive and cheaply made clay pots are readily available and will save money. Yet this usually means frequent replacing and repotting, which is time consuming and involves additional expenses.

Terracotta is one of the best materials for planters, and the most important thing to remember with terracotta is quality. For best results, buy planters made from a special kind of material called Galestro clay. Galestro is only found in Tuscany and some of the finest large terracotta pots are made from Galestro, by experienced craftsman.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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