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When you have a minor ailment, you can go to any doctor or clinic, but when the problem is serious, you’re going to want a specialist, the best specialist that you can possibly find. The same is true with car trouble. For an oil change, any mechanic or quick lube place will do, but when your transmission is giving your trouble you’re going to want a transmission expert. Certified Transmission is such an expert, delivering high quality remanufactured transmissions for a wide variety of makes and models of automobile. They even make transmissions for heavy duty and performance vehicles.

About Certified Transmission

Started in 1979, Certified Transmission is just the right combination of family business and professional enterprise. From humble beginnings as a 2-bay garage and a single toolbox, it has grown to one of the largest most respected suppliers of remanufactured transmissions in the country. Today, the company has two remanufacturing facilities, 13 retail locations and 15 distributors.

Why Remanufactured Transmissions are a Good Choice

When you have problems with your transmission, you can approach the repairs in a number of ways. You could have it spot repaired, which is not always an option, but can sometimes work for minor problems. You could have it rebuilt in a garage by a general mechanic, basically getting the transmission disassembled, inspected piece by piece, and reassembled with the damaged or malfunctioning pieces replaced or repaired.

The other option is remanufacture, a specialty of Certified. This is basically a transmission rebuild that takes place in a factory rather than a garage. The advantage of this is that the proper tools and parts are always on site and on hand. Another advantage is that remanufactured transmissions are built to updated manufacturers specifications, so any modern improvements or corrections are included. Remanufactured transmissions also come with a warranty that is often quite superior to the warranty on rebuilt transmissions.

Heavy Duty and Performance Transmissions

Sometimes a more powerful transmission is needed for a heavy duty fleet or performance vehicle. For these applications, Certified has The Road Ripper, a transmission designed to deliver more power and durability than factory original transmissions do. They deliver higher torque with less slippage and greater heat resistance. Whether towing a heavy load under adverse conditions or racing down the drag strip, a Road Ripper Transmission gives the performance needed for the job.

The easiest way to get a remanufactured transmission from Certified Transmission is to go through an authorized distributor like Trans Works Transmissions. Visit www.trannyman.net to learn more about the range of transmission services available.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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