Benefits of T-8 Sockets

Keeping your commercial lighting in perfect operation is an important part of keeping your business running. A reputable manufacturer of fluorescent lampholders can quickly give you access to these products as well as a wide variety of sockets according to your specifications. T-8 sockets are one type of socket that offers many benefits in the commercial setting.

What are T-8 Sockets?

These types of sockets are used in a type of fluorescent tube lamp that is widely used in industrial and commercial facilities, including office spaces. Many facilities in the past used tube lamps known as T12s. However, these are not produced in America any longer as a result of federal regulations dealing with energy efficiency. As a result, many facilities are now considering upgrading to T8 models, which are more energy-efficient.

The “T” in T-8 stands for “tubular.” Meanwhile, the number “8” represents the lamp’s diameter in one-eighths of 1 inch. Thus, T-8 sockets are made for lamps with a diameter of an inch, or 8/8. In addition, these lamps use what’s called a bi-pin base that attaches to the light fixture.

Light Production

T-8 lamps have a high light output and have a lamp efficacy at the temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit—meaning that this is the best temperature for this type of lamp. Lamp efficacy is measured in terms of lumens per watt, with the temperature surrounding the light being a critical factor that affects the lamp’s efficacy. T-8 lights are known to last about 24,000 hours, with the second-generation of these models having a lamp life rated at 30,000 hours-plus. Note that a T-8 lamp maintains 93 percent of its initial output of light at 8,000 hours.

T-8 Lamp Tips

It is also worth noting that your T-8 light will last longer if it operates on a longer burning cycle, with frequently switching the light on and off having the potential to reduce your lamp’s life span. Your lamp’s life can also be shortened if you use ballasts that don’t meet the manufacturer’s requirements. A quality provider of T-8 sockets can help you obtain the parts you need and offer advice for keeping your lamps shining bright in the months and years ahead.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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