The Belden 8771 Cable Sends the All the Right Signals in Use and Price

One of the popularly featured multi-conductor cables, the Belden 8771, is just one sample of how the Belden brand is extending its reach in the multi-conductor industry. In fact, the multi-conductor cables that are featured by Belden are available in a diverse range of dimensions, insulation materials, gauge sizes, jacketing materials and shielding configurations.

The 8771 Belden Cable Withstands High Levels of Heat

You can buy the Belden 8771 cable and similar Belden cables in versions that feature plenum and high-temperature designs. The brand Belden itself is well known among suppliers of coaxial, multi-conductor and communicative type links. The Belden brand makes wiring that withstands high temperatures as well as environmental stress.

Therefore, 8771 Belden style cable products resist temperatures well. The cable is also designed to be incorporated into plenum spaces designed especially for installing computers, audio and control equipment.

Ordinary cables can increase toxic hazards in case of a fire. Therefore, Belden 8771 cable and other cables in the Belden line-up are designed to prevent this from happening. In the U.S, the typical plenum cable sizes are AWG 22 and AWG 24. These plenum wires, which usually run higher in price, feature an outer, flame-resistant covering. Plenum versions are also featured in coaxial cable designs.

The Belden 8771 Is Also Featured With Coaxial Designs

Besides the Belden 8771 cable multi-conductor, Belden also features digital coaxial cables that make it possible to transmit digital data and information. The cables are most often recognized for their connection contributions to such online activities as gaming and videos.

Whether they are defined as digital or standard, coaxial cables are made with a wire that is enveloped with insulation. The rubberized material is typically hidden under a metal shield and plastic casing. Signals are generally sent to a cable provider or to the receiver in a cable box.

Power applications for cables, such as the 8771 Belden cable, extend from computer usage to audio and data transmission. The 8771 Belden cable as well as other featured Belden multi-conductor cables, is made to safeguard signal integrity during emergency periods. The protection makes it possible to use the cable without being affected by noise, humming or crosstalk. All the multi-conductor cables featured by Belden, are UL listed, and NEC and CEC endorsed.

You can find product brands, such as Belden, listed on such sites as Electric Wire and Cable Specialists online. Whether you are seeking coaxial cables, need a welding cable or want to hook up an alarm system with the proper wiring, you can gain all the details you need to know by reviewing the available product listings online.

Because cable wires are made in different sizes and for different purposes, you can also gain direction by contacting an electrician to find out what cable is best to use for specific installations in the office and home.

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