Complete Smile with the Perfect Fake Teeth

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Health And Fitness

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Ever wanted to smile with a complete set of pearly whites without paying too much for dental implants? Then, dentures are the right thing for you. Getting a full set of teeth is not only done for aesthetics and confidence, but for function as well. Dentures, also known as false teeth, are constructed to fit onto the place of missing teeth. If one tooth leaves a gap between two other teeth, having a bridge made is an alternative. But for larger gaps and more missing teeth, the best solution, cost-wise, involves the fitting of dentures. To get a greater bargain, make sure to find dentists in Jacksonville who can guarantee the highest quality dentures for the most affordable price.

What is involved in getting dentures?
It is very important to find a trustworthy and dependable dentist to fit you your dentures because many factors may affect the final shape of the dental device and many appointments may be needed. Expert orthodontists, dentists who specialize in oral prosthetics like dentures, should be able to ensure an accurate fit.

All dentists make an initial appointment to assess the teeth, gums and underlying bone. They typically do this by inspecting the oral cavity, taking photos, having x-ray scans done and creating a cast of the upper and lower teeth. During this day, the dentist may schedule a succeeding appointment to extract teeth near the back of the mouth, or the entire set of upper or lower teeth.

Conventional or Immediate Dentures
Dentists in Jacksonville commonly fit two common types of dentures according to the time of application—conventional and immediate. The conventional dentures have a high aesthetic appeal and are highly-functional by conforming to the jaws and palate. Hence, these are long-term fixtures inside the mouth. They are fitted only after the gums and bone shrink and completely heal, which can take several weeks to several months. Without the necessary teeth, people will have difficulty in chewing food. For this reason, clients will opt for immediate dentures in the short-term while the oral tissues heal.

Following tooth extraction, immediate dentures are fitted right away over the healing wound and restore the function of eating. These dentures are typically first taken off a day after surgery and are used at set hours through the day. They are regularly adjusted depending on the swelling and shrinkage of underlying tissue. Once the gums and bone are healed, the dentures are transitioned to conventional long-term dentures.

Alternate Design for Lower Dentures
There are multiple variations of a design to create a good fit, and once again it takes an experienced dentist, specifically an orthodontist, in Jacksonville, Florida to take the accurate measurements for the dentures. One particular major variation of the lower device should be discussed with the dentist. The jaw, underneath the lower teeth, is different compared with the maxilla, the supporting bone of the upper teeth, because the action of the tongue releases the suction of the dentures onto the gums. Studies show that the retained chewing power is 10% of the original. So instead of an entirely toothless design, a few lower teeth could be left for stability. An alternative to this would be the insertion of tooth implants.

Tips after teeth extraction
Immediately following teeth extraction, diligently follow the dentist’s advice concerning antibiotic use, application of cold and warm compress and rinsing. This will reduce inflammation and prevent infection. Make frequent appointments as advised to refit dentures.

Immediately after fitting the conventional dentures for the first time, incomprehensible speech, increased salivation and tissue irritation may persist for a few days. This is normal as the mouth and brain has yet to adapt to the device.



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