Ways to Keep Your Teeth White and Healthy

Having pearly white teeth and a perfect dazzling smile is a dream of every individual because it not only makes you look attractive and charming but helps to build up your confidence as well. For all those people out there who have a great smile but are shy of showing it because of their yellowing teeth, teeth whitening is the solution for you.

There are many great and well trained cosmetic dentists who have a knack for teeth whitening. There is a great deal of people who are going for teeth whitening to remove teeth discoloration and teeth stain these days. A dentist in Naperville who is an expert in teeth whitening is what you need to make your teeth shine. Teeth whitening procedure is a very popular technique used to fix teeth stain as well as discoloration; however, it requires special care afterwards or your teeth will start getting yellow again if you are not extra careful about it. And you would not want it all to go to waste after spending so much money, would you?

Teeth get easily stained and discolored if you do not have a proper and healthy diet. If you want to prevent your teeth from getting stained and yellow again after teeth whitening then there are few things that you should keep in mind for the care of your teeth. There are some foods and drinks that you should avoid at all costs to keep your teeth neat and clean including the foods and drinks that are acidic. The teeth whitening procedure may cause you irritation in the gums as well and in such cases drinks and foods that have a low pH should definitely be avoided. These foods and drinks possess acidic characteristics that can make your gum pain much worse by increasing the acidity of your saliva. Avoid the intake of vinegar, soft drinks, grapefruits, lemons and other such foods as much as you can.

Also avoid the use of the food that is likely to stain your teeth, especially spicy food. The use of spices such as saffron, curry and turmeric powder will cause your teeth to stain. Similarly, tomato and soy sauce, beets and dark chocolate can also be the enemy of your newly treated teeth because these are considered as teeth staining foods. Other foods and drinks that you should be avoiding for the care of your teeth are the ones that contain color in them such as some of the juices have artificial color in them and can cause your teeth to get stained. Other drinks like tea, wine and coffee should also be avoided. If you follow these preventive measures then you can easily take care of your teeth after the teeth whitening treatment.

So, go to a well trained and experienced dentist in Naperville to get your teeth whitening treatment. Follow the guidelines of your dentist properly to take care of your whitened teeth and to avoid staining them again. After that you can show off those pearly whites with a bright smile to impress all your friends.

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teeth whitening Naperville

teeth whitening Naperville

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