Convalescent and Post-operative Care can Help you to get Back on your Feet

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Health And Fitness

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Whatever your age, if you have just come out of hospital and are unable to look after yourself properly, convalescent or post-operative care can help you. Whether you are disabled, elderly or have just had a serious operation, opting for Home nursing Wiltshire could ensure that you have someone there to look after you when you need it the most.

Convalescent Care

When recovering from a debilitating illness, it can be difficult to look after yourself at home properly, particularly if you’re disabled or elderly and have mobility issues. It’s vital that you recover from your illness by resting, exercising appropriately and eating well. This is where convalescent care can help! By providing an in- home service which can range from offering assistance with housework and shopping through to providing personal care including toileting, bathing and even feeding or catheter care, you can relax in your own home and recover from your illness at your own pace.

Post-operative Care

If you’ve recently had an operation, for example a heart bypass or hip replacement, you might need some help getting back on your feet. Running a household can be a tricky task at the best of times, but with help from a Home nursing Wiltshire agency you can relax safe in the knowledge that all the tasks you would usually do will be carried out by an experienced professional carer. Whether you simply need assistance with preparing meals or require round-the-clock care, a reliable care agency can meet your requirements. Your carer can even schedule and accompany you to check-ups at the hospital or local doctor’s surgery, if required.

A Smooth Transition

When coming home after an illness or operation, the transition should be as smooth as possible, to avoid further stress and strain. Your home may need to be adapted to suit your needs and you might require specialist equipment to be installed. A reliable Home nursing Wiltshire agency will be able to offer advice and assistance on the equipment required, such as a stairlift, bathing equipment or hand rails. By drawing up a personalised care plan to suit each client, care agencies can ensure that they meet your needs and provide the correct service to help you back on the road to health.

Care in your Own Home

Whilst some people prefer to spend a period of time in residential care to convalesce, most would rather be at home behind their own four walls, surrounded by home comforts. Home carers are designed to work with the client, providing unobtrusive help where needed and round-the-clock care to high dependency clients.

By opting for convalescent and post-operative care in your own home, you can enjoy the independence of your own space whilst ensuring that someone is looking after you as you make a full recovery.

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