Implant Dentistry in Laurel MS: How to Care for Your Implants

If you have recently had implant dentistry in Laurel, MS, remember that getting dental implants is not the end of the story. Caring for your dental implants post surgery is just as crucial as getting them. This will help you recover sooner, and it will prepare you for how to treat problems related to your implants in the future.

Here are some guidelines that you should receive from your implant dentistry team on how to treat your dental implants post surgery:
1. To keep the swelling down and help you to avoid pain, use ice or cool packs to keep the area cold as soon as possible after surgery. You should probably plan to take the day off, and the best day to get implant dentistry is Friday, so you can relax for the weekend, too. If after 48 hours you still feel uncomfortable, soothe the area with a warm towel.

2. Opt for over-the-counter pain killers if pain continues. However, your dentist might prescribe stronger medication if need be.

3. Take any antibiotics prescribed by your dentist, to reduce the risk of infection and help your mouth to heal without further complications.

4. If you’re not taking antibiotics, the best way to avoid infection is to regularly use a good mouth wash. Double check at your implant dentistry clinic in Laurel, MS to be sure the brand you are using is really healthy for teeth.

5. To keep your mouth healthy and your dental implants in tip top condition, brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Your dentist who did the implant dentistry in Laurel, MS will also introduce you to various new cleaning aids, which are necessary for thoroughly cleaning around your implants.

6. For at least a week after surgery, try to avoid hard foods and consume as much liquids such as water or juice. Make do with soft foods like soup, yogurt and smoothies at first. Avoid very cold or hot drinks, alcohol, and cigarettes.

7. For at least two nights after surgery, use a higher pillow so your head is properly elevated. This may feel uncomfortable but it could also help the healing process.

As you get used to your implants you’ll forget about them entirely. Dental implants are great replacements for lost teeth. Any implant dentistry that you need done will be a good investment, so make sure to care for that investment by keeping them clean.

To be sure that you have implant dentistry from dentists who provide care and concern for your health, simply pick up the phone and call the Smile Time Family Dentistry and make an appointment.

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