Dental Services in Lincoln Square Offer Complete Family Dental Care

Are you searching for a dental office that will offer complete dental care for your entire family? Do you live in the State of Maryland? If so, there is a dentist who offers such Family Dental Care in Lincoln Square. Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Squares have the skilled dentists and associates to serve the dental needs for every age group in your family. They want to tell you about some of the services you can expect to be rendered to you when visiting a dentist for comprehensive dental care.

Comprehensive dental care includes not only the traditional care you receive at a dentist office, but preventive and/or early detection of dental diseases. During your comprehensive visit, your dentist will most likely do a thorough examination of your oral parts. He or she will do more than just look at your teeth. The areas inside and outside your mouth will be probed for diseases and other possible problems. This exam probably will be done even if you had such a visit done by another dentist, in order that your new dentist may become personally familiar with the dental circumstances surrounding you and your family.

Likely to be included in your comprehensive dental exam are an examination of your head and neck such the temporomandibular joint, your lymph nodes in your neck, and your saliva glands. Your face, neck and lips will be checked for signs of unusual swelling, bleeding or other odd signs of possible trouble. The dentist will check your soft tissues such as the tongue, will check you for signs of periodontal trouble, occlusion, x-rays and clinical exams which might indicate decay.

Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square offers complete family dental services and actually has patients who are the children of his former patients who were children when they visited him for dental care. The comprehensive dental services that he, as well as the staff at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square offer include, but are not limited to cosmetic dental care, dental implants and bridges, porcelain crowns and bridges, orthodontics, I.V. sedation and others.

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