Dental Situations That Qualify for Emergency Treatment in Edmonton

Most dentist offices are open during regular business hours throughout the workweek. When you suffer a dental crisis outside of these hours, you likely don’t want to wait until the start of the next business day to seek out your treatment. You need to be seen by a dentist in order to relieve your pain and worry.

Before a dental crisis occurs in your family, you need to understand what situations qualify as an Edmonton dental emergency. These scenarios can be urgent enough for you to call an after-hours dentist and request immediate treatment for you or a family member.

Broken Front Teeth

Breaking a molar is painful enough. However, it is often not so painful that you cannot wait until the next business day to be seen in a dentist’s office.

However, when you break one of your front teeth, you cannot wait for the dentist’s office to open for treatment. You need to be seen right away to minimize bleeding, pain and the risk of infection.

An Edmonton dental emergency practice can often see you right away in this circumstance. The dentist will work to save the front teeth so that they do not have to be pulled. You could have the teeth temporarily capped or crowned until you can make an appointment with your regular provider and undergo a root canal and crown.

Painful Abscess

You also could qualify for emergency dental treatment if you have a large and painful abscess in your mouth. An abscess is an indication of a serious infection below the gum line. If you do not get the abscess treated right away, the infection can spread to other parts of your body like your heart and spinal fluid.

You can find out more about emergency dental treatments online. For more information, contact 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Clinic.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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