Can the Dentists In Chicago Save a Cracked Tooth?

There are many types of damages a tooth can suffer from, but the most common is cracks. A crack in a tooth often occurs when a tooth’s health has been compromised, and it is no longer strong enough to function normally. Cracks can also occur as a result of blunt trauma. When a tooth is cracked, people need to see their dentist right away. If a tooth is not repaired promptly, it could become further damaged, and tooth death could occur. Through the dentists at South Loop Dental Specialists, a cracked tooth in Chicago may be able to be saved.

Unfortunately, not all cracked teeth can be saved. When a crack runs below the gum line, the tooth will most likely die, even with the repair. For this damage, the dentists in Chicago will need to prepare the patient for tooth extraction. Once the gum tissue heals after the extraction, an implant or bridge can be put in place to restore the smile. View South Loop Dental Specialists website for complete details about the experienced dentists.

Teeth that are cracked above the gum line can often be repaired. The dentist will need to remove any sharp edges and will then mix a special filling material so it can be placed down in the cracks. Filling the cracks with dental resin can prevent further damage and can make the tooth stronger so it can function normally. Filling the cracks also helps to stop any pain felt from the nerves being exposed.

In some cases of damage, the dentist may decide to cover the tooth with a crown. Crowns can completely shield damaged teeth from further damage so people can continue to chew naturally and have normal function.

Those who have suffered from tooth damage of any type need to see the dentist as soon as they can. Many dental offices offer emergency dental services for those with injuries, tooth pain and other serious dental concerns.

They can treat a wide variety of oral health conditions to help keep their patient’s smiles healthy and strong. Call right away and schedule an appointment to keep your smile looking its best. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists online for more information.

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